by Error Sniffs

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Tape or Die


released February 4, 2017


all rights reserved



Error Sniffs Erfurt, Germany

14.02.. - Erfurt @Cafe Tikolor

24.03. - Leipzig @Zxxxo

02.05. - Zwickau @Straszenfest

29.05. - Rostock

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Track Name: the great dictator
it will be alright to lose this fight
the great dictator in my chest commands to capitulate

I can’t fight anymore on this battle field of doubts
every bullet of my gun has bringing you to life again
and every other try to kill is digging my own grave

let’s come out from the trenches
my tank is too rusty now
hand grenades and bombs turn to dust
I’m seeking for the right white flag
but it was taken by the storm
Track Name: knife
if you had a knife, boy
I will be your friend

you’ locked me in a box
chained me
gagged me
raped me
I’m addicted to the pain and I’m begging to your feet
sometimes I wonder but I love every wound you’ve made me
I’m falling for blood stains
your cum is my medicine

if you hurt me while you love me
you can't hurt me if you hate me
Track Name: suck my clit
I’ve been told I’m a nervous wreck
you said to me don’t be pathetic
don’t have to be out of temper
but you never tried to change yourself

I’m not the kind of girl
I’m not the kind of girl
who listens to reason by an emotional cripple like you
so suck my clit and go

you’re a boy bred a man like anybody else
but you want to have an open mind
go fuck these submissive little girls who care about you
to feel appreciated
Track Name: reset song
you’ve treated me like shit
can’t remember why I approved it
I used to cry so many nights
but now I know time passes by

I don’t need you
and I have not did it before

all my love for your love
I’m sorry honey, that’s enough
to cut you out is the only measure
I deserve something better

I don't care what you say
time has come to go my way
you're just as lonely as you feel like
now I'm in love with my life
Track Name: I'd like to kiss you
I’d like to kiss you
but I’m afraid to infect you with this madness
it’s not your fault I got sick a long time ago
all I want is to get alright
I’d like to scream at you but your eyes are getting deaf
of this voice you hate to hear
of this face you hate to see

so it’s better becoming dumb
escaping your embrace
leaving you in your little unharmed world
in your little unharmed world
Track Name: social phobic
I wasn’t born social phobic
it’s all because of you
go away, let me alone
don’t need your fucking pooh

once a time I had to learn that hiding is no key
spitting around with my middle finger in the air
but sometimes I lose my mind
dullness can’t be opposed
life time would be so much better
without your complaints and angry trips

my life time seems too short and fast
to care about this crap
don’t want to see these empty faces
of you and you and you and you

in your tiny white-bread world there is no space for me
but who cares
I give a shit
I hate you anyway

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